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April 2013 Issue
by Editorial Staff - South Jersey Biz

The 2013 Green Awards

We’ve heard it questioned before: whether or not the idea of "going green" is just a trend in the business world. Will the momentum keep moving forward, inspiring others to follow until green business is the norm? Or will the popularity die down and prove to be more of a phase? To find the answer, just look at the following 15 careful selections for this year’s Green Awards. These companies-from construction companies and nonprofits to global organizations-are leaving their mark on sustainability practices in South Jersey and, in the process, they’re proving it’s anything but a fad.

The Klein Company
Renters in South Jersey looking for an eco-friendly place to live would be wise to check out the Dwell Luxury Apartments in Cherry Hill. Recently opened by The Klein Company, of Philadelphia, and located on Route 70, Dwell offers a number of green features.

All of the 233 brand-new apartments-available in one- and two-bedroom layouts-come with ENERGY STAR appliances and water-conserving faucets, toilets and showerheads. Dwell residences also contain whole-house ventilation systems to help reduce allergens, and in the private garages the fumes from car exhaust are minimized thanks to air filtration systems.

Underground rain vaults and native plant landscaping are also part of the Dwell experience, and Level 2 electric car chargers can be found around the perimeter of the property.

Finally, Dwell educates and encourages its residents to contribute to the sustainability of the community, providing a manual on greener living for every home.

"Dwell offers high-performance green apartments, designed to be healthy, comfortable, durable, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible," says Clay Chandler, vice president of development for The Klein Company. "We’re intent on shrinking our environmental footprint and improving our residents’ rental lifestyle in the process."

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